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PetiteHDPorn Password August 29, 2014

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It was no more than one week ago that dark-haired Petite HD Porn Conny and her girl friend had been through a heavy session of group sex with their husbands. It was good, but not enough. Secretly, the two girls had arranged to meet at Conny’s place while their husbands were at work, to see what they could do to entertain themselves. And that was quite something. Without any form of embarrassment they undressed and reclined on the bed. Conny sighed, “What a beautiful juicy cunt you’ve got, Rita,” while her fingers were busy playing with her friend’s clitoris. They masturbated one another for a while until Rita exclaimed, “Now, darling, for some cunt-licking. I want to taste all your sweet juices.” And PetiteHDPorn Conny was all set and raring to go.

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Betina liked having lots of Petite HD Porn money. It meant that she could live the life of a “jet-setter”, and do things that were out of reach to ordinary girls. Like the night she flew from New York to Düsseldorf, just to attend an impromptu dinner party that one of her friends was holding at a luxury hotel. At the table, she couldn’t help noticing a handsome negro, who kept staring at her. He radiated sexuality and Betina soon found herself with a very wet patch in her panties. He invited her to join him in his suite, and things began to happen very quickly. They went into the bathroom intending to take a shower, but the sight of Earl’s big, black prick was too much for the PetiteHDPorn young jet-setter.

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Betina had never been with a black man before, and she felt quite faint with anticipation as she sucked his ebony tool… Earl suddenly disappeared and returned with his shaving kit. Betina looked on almost mesmerised as he began to spread shaving cream over her pubic bush and labia.She couldn’t believe what was happening, but she knew the cool razor felt heavenly as it slid across the hot skin of her mound. The next thing Betina knew, her quim was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Earl started to lick her, but she had other PetiteHDPorn ideas … “Fuck me… fuck me!” she groaned homily …

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Heidi was feeling thrilled and slightly anxious at the same time … Her decision to take PetiteHDPorn piano lessons from a certain Morten B. was more inspired by one of her schoolfriend’s glowing descriptions of his sexual performance than by her interest in mastering the keyboard! On her way over to the horny music teacher’s house, Heidi felt her pussy begin to itch with anticipation and her panties grow wet as she imagined what might possibly take place there … All curious friends, continue to see all the stories at here.

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